BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship (AORC) events are defined as โ€˜long courseโ€™ events that are conducted on a track of no less than 15 kilometres in length. The courses and tracks used for the AORC are often narrow, twisting, tree lined tracks, undulating farmland tracks, mountain tracks and river crossings, sometimes incorporating man made jumps and other obstacles.

Off road cars are some of the most impressively engineered in Australian motor sport and most incorporate complex, long travel suspension systems and powerful engines to enable them to negotiate the rugged, dusty or sometimes muddy terrain they encounter, as fast as possible.

See the tabs below for more information on how you can get your start in off road.

To go off road at club or state level, you just need a CAMS Clubman Level licence. This also applies for navigators.

All Off Road Licence applicants must complete the online CAMS Off Road Licence Lecture, and then later an Observed Licence Test (OLT). The OLT can be competed at your first event.

To compete in the Australian Championship, you require a minimum of a National Off Road licence.


In the CAMS Australian Off Road Championship, you need to select your preferred racing number along with your championship registration.

Depending on the class that you are competing in, you will have a range of numbers to choose from. See more information about vehicle classes below.

Visit the following event pages for entry forms, bulletins, supplementary regulations and other relevant information for your chosen event.

The best way to graduate to the Australian Championship is to also get your eye in through our various CAMS State Off Road Championships.